750,000 square‑foot, self‑sufficient production system

Located in Iperó, the countryside state of São Paulo, Artefacto’s factory boasts a 750,000 square‑foot self‑sufficient production system (without third-party intervention). The plant is responsible for developing, crafting and maintaining the demanding quality standard that makes the company the industry leader.

Adopting exclusively raw materials certified by agencies such as Ibama, the manufacturing process involves various stages, from the frames of the furniture to the upholstery and finishes, integrating manual work and technology according to the design and function of each piece.

The unique feature of Artefacto furniture is achieved by the union of modern and traditional such as high-tech designs and custom-built pieces, hand-held tools and large manufacturing machinery.

100% Patented Contemporary Design

Artefacto is committed to representing a unique design perspective that exceeds expectations. Furnishings are immediately distinguished and seamlessly incorporate environmentally friendly resources in each stage of the manufacturing process.