A clear evolution of contemporary aesthetics, Artefacto’s highly anticipated 2020 edition is a sophisticated display of design, proposing a more emotional approach toward space and a more rational use of time. This is the third exclusive collection for Artefacto by Brazilian designer, Patricia Anastassiadis.

The collection explained in three moods

Simplicity, elegance, lightness and comfort. This mood rescues the power of design through clean, straight lines that are inspired by traditional Japanese minimalism. This way of thinking is evident in the “Hive” screen and “Geta” module.
Inspired by 20th Century German Abstractionism, Arp is a tribute to the artist Jean Arp, recognized for his use of free shapes and patterns. Ergonomics and functionality are depicted through sculptural curves, deconstructed geometries, lights and shadows. This mood is apparent in the Arp chaise.
Form, function and emotion. The search for a reconnection between human beings and their ancestral origins inspires this mood. The nutrition of the body, the evolution of the mind — we don't just want food: we want food, fun and art. A mood that activates the human sensory field with an overwhelming intensity by provoking thought to break thresholds previously unimaginable. The Toffee side table awakens the immediate desire for vision, which triggers the palate by provoking all other senses.


“We are committed to ensuring that all collections are fresh and memorable, while maintaining the timeless approach that is rooted in our DNA,” says Paulo Bacchi, CEO of Artefacto U.S. “To continue exceeding the expectations of our loyal customers and friends, the 2020 edition by Patricia Anastassiadis combines craftsmanship with technology for pieces that are unique, elegant and lasting.”

Patrícia Anastassiadis



Ottomans and Chaise Lounges

Tables and Side Tables

Bed, Bedside Tables