Cut Piece, Terracotta and Soft Fiction: three Patricia Anastassiadis design gestures for Artefacto 2019.

Anastassiadis says: “I believe that the way to present the product is as important as the product itself. I seek to convey a sense of timelessness, but without disconnecting Artefacto from the world. The idea is that each item in the collection is capable of crossing the years. There is both a quest for timelessness and the need to establish a dialogue between the collections, each year, proposing a more holistic aesthetic and link to values that, despite the strong aesthetic appeal, are not related to fads or trends. One that breaks the timeline without losing its aesthetic relevance or functionality.”

Earthy-toned colors drive the visual impact of these pieces that are reminiscent of ancient places. Taking inspiration from ceramics and its many variations, natural colors such as orange, pink and yellow wrap around beautifully designed furniture, creating a soft and welcoming nest.
The notice of form and space play an integral part in this collection which includes sofas, tables and chairs. Sharp cuts, pointy edges and curved backrests have been achieved after months of experimentations and studies. Familiar home pieces with a modern twist intensify the relationship between the individual and the surrounding space.
Resilient and malleable, glass is the protagonist of this range. For this, Anastassiadis has developed the blown glass response to Brazilian’s traditional ‘terrazzo’ tiles, usually made out of stone. The newly-created ‘terrazzos’ for Artefacto are used as innovative and unique table surfaces, impeccably crafted so that it is impossible to replicate them with precision.


Affective memory, constructive reasoning, restoration, sustainability and manufacturing: idealized by Anastassiadis, the collection features inspirations by the perception of the forms and space they occupy, as well as the mixture of materials.

Patrícia Anastassiadis



Lounge Chairs and Chaise Lounges


Benches and Ottomans

Tables and Side Tables